quarta-feira, novembro 15, 2006

MR. Potato Head

Encourage your students' sense of humor by putting MR. POTATO HEAD features on the wrong way. Ask your students to "fix" MR. POTATO HEAD for you, or to make his or her own "Picasso Potato".

After your students make a face on MR. POTATO HEAD, ask what feeling that face might be showing. Take turns making exaggerated emotion faces yourselves-one person shouts out a feeling and the other person makes the corresponding face. (ex: happy, sad...). Faces are a great way for kids to learn about emotions!


Supplies:-brown tag-board or cardboard-colored construction paper, felt, or foam (found in the kids' craft section of your local craft store)-masking tape-scissors-washable markers

Have your parents help with the cutting or to draw the face shapes
Cut a large potato shape from the tag-board or cardboard and draw small curves on it with marker to show the dimples
Cut eyes, ears, noses, mouths, hair, and any other parts you think the potato should have
Use the markers to add details to the parts if you like
Hang the large potato on the wall or a door, wherever your parents want it hung
Put rolls of masking tape on the back of the parts
Blind fold the participants, hand them a part, spin them around, and let them go!

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happy prince disse...

Este bacano é o bacano do reclame, não é???? Das L.... Light? Aquele que é canibal, pois é uma batata e come batatas fritas!!!

Thunder disse...

Yes, I think it is!
Está no livro Adventure B. Os garotos dizem que vêem os desenhos animados! Não sei é em que canal. Não ando nada informada. Tenho que perguntar à Liliana, pois ela sabe tudo sobre desenhos animados!

happy prince disse...

Aceito sugestões de material para dar os números à 1ª e à 2ª. Nos sítios onde tenho 4 classes, preciso de mais qq coisa além do livro, pois o Zappy tem muita coisa, mas o EAA nem por isso...